Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

The first thing that strikes you about Palazzo Vecchio is impossible to photograph in full. Even if you go to the far side of Piazza della Signoria, in Via dei Calzaiuoli, you will not take it all.
It's too big and too high to make it fit in a single photograph. The fact is that you can not help but photograph it, since it is considered the best example of civil architecture of the fourteenth-century world. What prevents him to fit everything into one photo is the "Torre di Arnolfo", 94 meters high and built in 1310, leading to the summit the great banner with the Florentine lily. At the entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio it looks great (and support the pigeons) the copy of Michelangelo's David. You Piazza della Signoria to host this beautiful building, a place that has long been considered "cursed" because battleground between Guelfi and Ghibellines. Deleted in the footsteps of a bloody past, Piazza della Signoria is now the hub of social, civil and political life of all citizens of Florence.
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